yes. i am going to be reblogging everything from fuckyeahspacedgifs because it’s everything i’ve ever wanted to see in life.

don’t worry. scantly clad men will return soon.

Loved seeing your spam on our tumblelog (I don’t care if they changed it to blog, I’m still calling it that or else it doesn’t make sense). Hopefully I’ll have more for you to reblog soon, but I don’t yet. Obvi.

Also enjoying the scantily clad men.

Ask from johncosbybillgoodman.

Thank you! I’ve seen all sorts of people saying there should be more Spaced gifs, so I made it my mission to provide them.

Your Techno Tires is on its way.

Ask from earl-din

Spaced was a channel four show, not the BBC. Are you an American?

Yes, I am. That’s just like us, isn’t it, to assume any show from England must have aired on the BBC? I’ve changed the sub-header to make it accurate and also more explicit for anyone who happens upon this page.

So many followers in the first day! Too many to list, but all of you are welcome.

I’m new to making .gifs, so it will be slow going from here on out (not to mention the fact that I have a life), but feel free to make requests. I’m working on the whole series starting from the beginning, but I’m already jumping around a little so I don’t mind giffing your favourite moments. Any other Spaced-centric submissions are encouraged, as well!

Thank you so much for following!

The timing on these .gifs isn’t perfect (yet), but neither is Daisy’s sense of time.

I’m getting followers faster than I can gif! I guess we will remain on

Welcome, first follower!

I haven’t made any gifs of the Spaced cast saying hello, yet. You’ve caught me at the very beginning, but that makes you even more special.